What We Do

We develop creative, technical, and innovative project-based solutions which are economically viable and environmentally responsible.

Condeland Engineering Ltd. provides engineering, project management and technical solutions that are responsive to our clients' needs in an innovative, cost effective, professional, quality service manner. We accomplish this by utilizing our common values to be as responsive as possible to the needs of our clients and their communities.

Our success can be attributed to: Our Vision, Passion about our work, Positivity, Practicality, Communication.

Developing or redeveloping lands demands technical skill, creative vision, and thorough insight into the development process. When our expertise and experience are merged with these, value for our clients and community is created.


Project Mangement

Understanding and implementing our clients’ critical project drivers are important first steps in meeting client expectations. What drives the client’s project? Cost, schedule, or Scope of works? Understanding what is truly important to a client and their project can be the missing link to a successful effort. This guides us towards making the right project decisions for our clients, and always makes for a successfully completed venture, and a very satisfied client.

Our team has managed hundreds of projects across all sectors – residential, mixed-use, industrial, institutional, commercial and public spaces.

From our broad experience, we know that delivering a project may come with complex challenges. Because we’re passionate and practical about creating a sense of certainty right at the beginning, we help our clients to meet their objectives with confidence.

Municipal Engineering

Here at Condeland Engineering Ltd. we thrive on the engineering challenges and opportunities that come with building future communities - by putting logic, practicality, and creativity together.

We help create, improve and protect our client communities through state of the art infrastructure design and construction project management. Our municipal engineering services department encompasses:

• technical and feasibility studies including site investigations
• liaising with clients, regulatory boards, and a variety of professionals including architects and associate consultants
• preparing cost-sharing schedules
• assisting in negotiations with municipalities on development approvals
• compiling job specs and supervising tendering procedures
• resolving design and development issues
• managing budgets and project resources
• ensuring the project complies with legal and safety requirements
• assessing the sustainability and environmental impact of our projects
• ensuring projects run smoothly and are completed within budget and on time

Stormwater Management

A program of controls and measures designed to regulate the quantity and quality of storm water runoff from a development while promoting the protection and conservation of ground waters and groundwater recharge.

SWM engineering practices are incorporated into the design of a development in order to alleviate or decrease adverse water quantity and water quality impacts that are a factor of development. Stormwater management utilizes, where feasible, low impact development practices. Engineering analyses and design encompass:

• pre-development discritization;
• computer modeling;
• back water analysis;
• water balance mitigation analysis;
• Detention pond design; and
• Water quality analysis and best management practices in accordance with Municipal and provincial regulators.

Feasability Studies

By evaluating the short- and long-term ramifications of a project and estimating the associated costs, Condeland’s reports give project owners the necessary information before deciding when and how to proceed.

Contract Administration

Condeland Engineering Limited provides on-site inspection and administration of contract works while in progress. Commencing with a Project Pre-Construction Conference, Condeland meets with client representatives and the contractor to compile a submissions list, establish a project schedule with significant milestones, confirm consultants assignments, and prepare for potential difficulties. During the construction period, Condeland conducts continuous site inspections through to completion, to verify that the methods and materials used conform to regulatory agencies standards and the specifications. For each site visit a written report is provided, including an account of deficiencies and required rectification works. Condeland also reviews engineering drawings, change orders, and contractor payment requests and certifies progress payments as warranted. Our involvement throughout the construction phase helps keep projects on schedule and on budget.

The final phase of construction entails gaining ‘Acceptance’ by the Regional Authorities and Municipalities for final Assumption, the key milestone essentially completing the project. Condeland assesses developmental security requirements, calculates periodic reductions based on completed works, and ultimately ensures constructed works and deficiency rectifications meet with civil approvals, expediting final security releases on behalf of the project developer.

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