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    January 29, 2019

Sustainable Development and Civil Engineering

“Sustainable development is a strategy to achieve development without compromising with the ability of future generations to fulfill their needs. Sustainability looks at saving the environment as the primary objective while sustainable development focuses on development of infrastructure, keeping the environment clean, while achieving growth.”  *

Condeland recognizes its responsibility for the technical detail that will form the basis for costing developments, even if the overall decisions about proceeding with a development are the responsibility of others.   “Consideration of the full scope of environmental costs at the earliest possible stage of project development can often provide considerable cost savings, compared to retrofitting or remedial actions.”

Condeland Engineering Ltd. strives to create a balanced approach in its designs which will create development that  “meets the needs of its clients, the community, and its future generations, by integrating environmental sustainability with financial, and long-term economic and social considerations.

Such engineering is often best accomplished by a multi-disciplinary team. Due diligence requires not only that all reasonable steps be taken to ensure that a team comprises the necessary expertise, but also  that this expertise is applied appropriately.”

‘There is also usually the element of risk – which must include defining engineering and environmental risks alongside financial risks and social impacts.  Assessing such risks, developing mitigation strategies, communicating the risks and strategies to stakeholders and communities, and implementing proper mitigating actions [is a part of our engineering design and project management processes]’.


(Source & with files from:  National guideline on sustainable development and environmental stewardship for  Professional Engineers; September 2016)

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